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Welcome to WikiSolar !

Everything you need to know about Solar Projects and Engineering !

Here, all the concepts of PV systems are explained and illustrated in a pragmatic way as we use them in the all-day life of solar industry projects.

This website covers or will soon cover, the main components of PV systems, main architectures, engineering guidelines, as well as safety guidelines and best practises during and after installation.

We provide free drawings and templates in their raw format to help you on your projects.

Solar-panel2.png PV - Key knowledge

Battery-status-full.png PV - Components

Diagram.png PV - Systems architectures

  • Distributed Generation vs Solar Power Plant
  • Main Energy valorisation models
  • Main PV architectures
    • Grid connected - Full Feed-in
    • Grid connected - Self consumption
    • Offgrid & Hybrid
  • Solar Power Plant
    • DC side architecture
    • AC High Voltage architecture
    • HV Substation

Engineering - Deliverables

  • List of a project engineering deliverables
  • Layouts
  • Electrical drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Documents
  • Calculation notes

Square-root-of-x-math-formula.png Engineering - Sizing

Engineering - Tools & Templates

  • Everything about Autocad
  • Layout drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Energy production estimation tools
  • PV & Battery capacity sizing tools
  • Cable sizing tools

Wrench.png Installation

  • Risk analysis
  • Installation safety
    • Working at high
    • Working on powered systems
  • General good practices

Quality & Commissioning

  • Quality Management
  • Commissioning steps

Renovation.png Operation & Maintenance

  • Main indicators to follow
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

Project Management


  • Key elements : CAPEX, OPEX, LCOE
  • LCOE
  • Profitability calculations
  • Budget & Project Pricing

About the WikiSolar team

WikiSolar is a place where you can find everything you need to know to build Solar Projects accross the world.

This website is done by people working in the Solar and Renewable industry, working from small home systems, microgrid, and up to the biggest Solar Farms. The only goal is to make Solar projects development, design, installation and commissioning, easy and accessible to anyone around the world.

We are convinced that today and at our small level, the most effective action to counter global warming is to share our knowledge so that the entire solar industry can improve and grow together. We believe that there will be enough opportunities in the world in the years to come that it is not necessary to hide knowledge in order to be more competitive than another company. Improvement of entire solar industry will increase the credibility of the sector which will benefit us all.

Anyone can edit or create new pages on wikisolar, so if you think you can improve a page or speak about a useful topic, dont hesitate to click on "edit" on the top right. If you want to be part of the discussions of the Wikisolar team, you can join us on Microsoft Teams. Nothing to earn except the personal fulfillment of knowing that you are helping someone in the world.


The Solar Univeristy becomes WikiSolar and use the wikipedia template
The first version of the Solar University website is launched
A team of solar engineers are joining forces to create "The Solar Univeristy"

Would like to contribute ?

At WikiSolar, we are not looking for money, all the articles are written voluntarily by people all around the world : Australia, Nigeria, France… and the running cost are beared by the site creator.

All the people from this community believe that sharing the knowledge about Solar Projects is the best way to have leverage the energy transition. The content of this website is tailored in a way that engineers, installers, project developers can learn, ask questions and also contribute to existing and new topics.

If you can improve some article, just click on edit on the top right corner, no need to be logged in, you can just modify any article.

If there is any topic you want to see or if you are ready to write or correct a page, you’re more than welcome to join the team ! Just write few words in the discussion tab or use the contact form.

Everything about how to use and work with WikiSolar is explained here : How to use WikiSolar


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Knowledge shared here is based on international standards ; Local and all applicable standards for every region may however not be covered.