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Create a new Wiki Page[edit | edit source]

In the URL, replace what is behind index.php/ by the name of the page you want to create (without space or using _ instead of space). ; For example Solar_irradiance Then press Enter.

You will reach an new empty page and just click on Create

Then you reach the editor and you can start writing your text :)

Don't forget to click on save before leaving. No need to finalize the page in 1 time, you (or anyone else) can edit it as much as wanted.

When the page is ready to be displayed ; go back to the homepage and edit it to add the internal link to this new page.

Then Done and Save Changes and it will be finalized.

At any moment, you can go back to your page and modify it.

Edit a page[edit | edit source]

Create a new page or Edit an existing one : Click on Edit

The editor is in the top bar and is straight forward to use.

There are very few type of text : Page Title, Header 1, Header 2.. and paragraph.

The summary is automatically generated based on the type of text used.

To get more information about the editor, here is the User Guide

Search Engine Optimization[edit | edit source]

To add information for search engines, edit any article and copy paste below text :

{{#seo:|title=Write here title of the page|description=Write here description of the article|keywords=Keywords 1, keywords 2, keywords 3}}

Then click on #seo: and update the cells.

Links[edit | edit source]

Internal and External links helps to be well ranked on Search Engine !

When you edit a page you can insert

  1. Internal Links (Pages within the WikiSolar website). In this case, you will find any page by looking for the page title of the pages you want to point to.

      2. External Links